Q:  What is the cost of membership at Findlay Flying Circuits?

A:  All pilots must have a current membership to the AMA –  Academy of Model Aeronautics to fly at our field. They must also comply with all current, Local, State, and Federal rules and regulations pertaining to the activity of model aircraft flying. The annual fee for open membership is: $75.00. You can join online: here!

Q: What is the cost of a trainer airplane?

A: A very popular four channel beginner’s airplane is the $349.99 Apprentice STS 1.5m RTF with DXS (EFL37000) but there are countless easy to fly / beginner aircraft on the market, a suggestion from a current pilot would be best before you buy something on your own.

Q: Can I fly a drone at Findlay Flying Circuits?

A: Yes, we even have Wednesday nights reserved for fpv night, where all fpv type aircraft are welcome. We prefer to call them “quads”  🙂  If you want to bring out your airplane to fly on a Wednesday, you are welcome to with the understanding you may have to share the field with the “Quad Guys”  It’s okay, they are willing to share!!

Q:  Can I get training?

A:  Students can train any time the field is open, and they arrange to meet with an instructor. Please use the contact us form to setup a meeting with an instructor.

Q: Where do I find an instructor.

A: There are a lot of experienced pilots that visit the fields (usually during nice weekends) Just come visit and strike up a friendship that could last a life time.

Q:  How much does training cost?

A:  Findlay Flying Circuits members volunteer time to train new members, so cost is zero.

Q:  Do you have a plane I can learn to fly?

A:  We at Findlay Flying Circuits have a trainer airplane that is intended to demonstrate RC flight to potential students who have yet to purchase their own aircraft.  If you are interested in learning to fly, it would be highly recommended that you buy your own equipment.

Q:  When should I join AMA?

A: An AMA membership is required to join the Findlay Flying Circuits. You can sign up for AMA online at https://www.modelaircraft.org/membership/enroll

Q:  What type of AMA membership do I need?

A:  Full AMA member – No restrictions on type of aircraft that you fly other than rules established by AMA.

Q:  What should I get when I want to buy a 2nd plane?

A:  seek advice from an experienced pilot when you want to make the move up to a bigger, faster, more expensive aircraft. Your wallet will thank you.