Combat Meet 5/8/2021

On May 8th, 2021 at 10:00am Tim will be running another combat meet! The last one proved to be so much fun that we decided right then and there, that we had to have more of these. Well the next one is upon us. Bring anything to fly you want, that you don’t mind crashing anyway. We only ask that you must be current on your AMA Membership.

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Toledo R/C Swap Meet is 7 days away!

Finally…the Toledo R/C Swap Meet, Auction, and Fun Fly is SEVEN DAYS AWAY!

Over the last month, I have received calls from all over the country from people just like you and me asking questions in regards to attending this event.  I have enjoyed these conversations, and it has been a very humbling experience to say the least.  It also shows that there are people everywhere that love this hobby!  There are hobbyists everywhere that want to start getting things back to normal again, which includes spending time with friends and fellow hobbyists.  We have stated from the start of this adventure that “the swap must go on,” and next Friday, that’s exactly what will happen!

This event will feature right around 300 tables and 30 commercial businesses, manufacturers, and professional organizations.  (See complete list posted on our website.)   There are still tables available and as previously stated, our hope is to not turn anyone away!  We are in this hobby together!

The following is a quick list of days and times important for next weekend:

  • Toledo R/C Swap Meet:  Friday, April 9th, 9 AM – 5 PM & Saturday, April 10th, 9 AM – 2 PM
  • AMA-sanctioned Indoor R/C  Fun Fly @Seagate Centre:  Friday, April 9th, 7 PM – 10 PM
  • R/C Auction:  Saturday, April 10th starting at 2 PM

Registration forms as well as additional vendor information is available at the Toledo R/C Swap Meet, Auction and Fun Fly website, and I have also attached registration/information form to this email.  Please contact Henry “Hank” Rauhaus with any questions at 330.419.2029 (call or text) or

See you next weekend!

Henry “Hank” Rauhaus

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